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Preventative De-mossing

Most mosses and algae can cause a fast wear of roofs and water infiltration.

It can settle onto the roofs and can make the tiles or slates porous. These penetrate into the roof. Resulting that small cracks can occur.

Why preventive maintenance should be done.
De-mossing rooftops can prevent water infiltration.
To avoid damage or wear of the slate .
It prolongs life, your roof is protected for years to all weather conditions.
It can make you’re home look better and property rises in value

Measurements have also shown that around houses with corrugated iron or weathered slates of the older generation are much more prone to this.

Driveway cleaning

Extreme Clean UK – perfect for driveways, patios, verandahs, walkways, and pool areas.

Extreme Clean UK uses powerful state of the art equipment for deep dirt removal. Our system helps get your paths and driveways look nice and clean again. No harmful toxic residues – its safe for your garden, family and pets.

Deep Clean for Longer Lasting Clean
Non Toxic Safe for You & the Environment
Sealed for Protection Easier to Clean
Beautifies & Adds Value to Your Property

Removing dirt, grease, grime and algae etc. Check out our other cleaning services.

Other Services

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